A great little program that changes your desktop wallpaper.

If you have Windows XP you don't need this, use the built in wallpaper changer.  

Awesome zipping utility but if you have Windows XP it has a built in zip utility.

This is a must have!!! Manage all your passwords, auto fill forms, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

If you cut and paste text, pictures, graphics, ANYTHING you have to have this program.

 Quit screwing around, GET THIS PROGRAM, come on... Download it NOW!!!



The program I use is no longer available, it was called Popup Killer. I have found other programs with 

simular names but there not this program. I like it because it works and it needs NO configuration.

E-mail me and I'll send you the last version I have. Some say it's buggy, not on my computers, no problems.

The link below will take you to the current holder of the Popup Killer name. The author of the original program recomends using this software. I haven't tried it but looked at reviews and it seems folks think it's prety good.




Great source for those "hard to find files", a lot of pop up's, be forewarned!!!