Mid 70's

Made in Korea


Dan Earlwine is a well known guitar maker who has made instruments for many big stars. Remember the "fuzzy" ZZ Top guitars? EARLWINE. Look him up in a search engine, there's a lot of links. At some point in the mid 70's he had these made to his spec's in Korea. I don't know how many were made but I'm sure it was very few. Keep in mind that in the 70's they only made crap "sears" guitars in Korea. I don't know who the manufacture was but they were light years ahead of the rest. This is one top notch instrument. The neck is thin and narrow, action unbelievable, 1 DiMarzzio and a volume pot, simple. I changed the pot to a push/pull and installed a little chunk of plastic with wires coming out of it called a "Tone Q". So now you pull up the pot and it gives you that growl like having a wha about mid pedal. Great flame maple matchbook top on a mahogany body. Very fast, fat as hell tone!!  


Purchased  about 1977/78