Fender Stratocaster

 Early 90's

Made in Japan

Well what can you say... it's a Strat!

I have a lot of guitars that come close to getting some Strat sounds but lets face it, if you want it to sound like a Strat then play a Strat! Duh! Not a bad looking guitar, the finish is "Photo-flame" , the wood grain being "printed" on the wood before painting. Looks good! Action isn't the greatest but acceptable. Three pickups, 5 way switch all do what there suppose to and the sound is nice and clear, just what one would expect. The standard tremolo is basically useless (like the real thing!) so I have it blocked off. Overall a decent axe that does a fine job when it just has to be a Strat. One of these days I'll buy a real Stratocaster but for now this does nicely.

Think I got this at Guitar Center in the mid 90's for under $200.00, all in all a good buy!