Made in Kalamazoo Mich. at the old Gibson factory. 1966/67

Serial number comes up as a 68.

This is my baby, if the house is burning down I go for this guitar first! Nothing but tone, thick narrow neck, extremely low action, FAST!!!

The story as I was told by the old guy at Gibson who set every guitar made at the old Kazoo factory. I used to take it there once a year to have him set it up. I eventually quit going since it never changes, the set up stays dead on even when I have had it stored for long periods. Anyway, he told me they made about 200 of these in 66/67 and were planning to bring them out.  Somewhere along the way they shelved them and stuck them in the warehouse. Later they did start making V's again and did bring them out in 68. BUT the 68's are different, the neck heel is larger and the fret board is above the body rather than flat on the body like mine. The 68 has a stop tailpiece, mine a tremolo made by Schaller. Gibson never formally brought a "V" out with a tremolo. The headstock on mine is quite a bit longer then the 68. The neck is a completely different shape, the 68 being medium-thin and flatter on the back, mine is fat and round (fitting!) The nameplate is on the bell cover and not inlaid on the headstock. I bought this from the Kalamazoo Gibson factory via Massamino Music in Detroit in 1972. I was at a factory warehouse clearance sale for dealers when they moved some crates and found stacks of V's in there cases. Massanino bought the whole lot before I could get my hands on one so I picked one, tagged it and picked it up later from there store.

You now know my sweetie, she's been at my side for 34 years now. Love ya babe!