Gibson Les Paul


Got this one in 76. I played probably 2-300 LP's in every store I could get to, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing... all over Michigan. Finally I walked into my local Flint hangout Warehouse Music and poof... there it was, bought it. I was looking for feel, that 1 piece you pick up and it just "feels" right. I made a few changes, pick up rings, bell cover, tele knobs, took the butt ugly pick guard off etc. The biggest change is the Gibson Varitone. This is standard on the ES-445 and "Lucille" BB King guitars. Never seen one in a Paul!!! BAD ASS! The 6 position rotary switch changes different value capacitors in and out causing different tone roll offs. One position rolls off high and low to give you that mid-wah bite, another rolls off lows, it makes the NECK PU sound like an out of phase Strat!!!! I have the rest of the knobs set up vol/vol/master tone. Everything a Les Paul lover could want!!

Update 9/06

Looking for something different I have rewired this once again. Gone is the varitone. I installed an active system that gives a 15db clean boost. The treble volume is now a master and the other 3 knobs are bass, mid and treble, cut/boost.  The circut also makes the guitar low impedance so long cable runs are no problem. WOW! very cool mod kit... I bought it from a great parts source, check them out on eBay to.