Kramer Floyd Rose Signature

Made in USA Mid 80's

Purchased 8/06

Bought this one as just the neck and body. I then set out to build something a little different. I went to and gathered up most of the parts and went to work. First the Floyd Rose, this is a licensed tremolo. What's different here is that you can string it like a regular bridge, you don't cut off the ball end, the strings just thread through the saddles, kind of like a Strat. Bridge pickup is a 70's Bill Lawrence and the neck is a GFS dual lipstick humbucker. Very cool pickup, lots of bite even in the neck position.  In fact it's kind of twangy, I had one in the bridge position and had to change to the Lawrence. Good choice, sounds great in this guitar! Now the electronics... Both Tele knobs sit on push pull pots and are volume controls (no tone controls on this one) The knob in the middle is a 5 way rotary for the onboard electronic circuit. The Bridge pickup is wired to the 1st knob, down is straight through, pop up the knob and the electronics are inserted inline (wired just before the jack so any PU combination is routed). The neck is wired to the 2nd knob, down is humbucking (neck pu only) up is coil tap. This really works good since the pickup is so bright it stays that way even in the neck position. The circuit.... this has 5 positions, 1st is straight through but it changes the guitar output to low impedance, this changes the sound, makes it brighter so just adds to the arsenal of sounds. the other positions are suppose to be amp emulations but are really just 4 degrees of distortion, nice though... real handy if you go to jam on someone else's have your sound built in! The pickup switch is a mini DPDT, I would rather have a nice LP toggle but didn't want to make the hole bigger .

Very happy with this project, this thing rocks, more tone variations then you'll ever need and plays like a dream!