Guild M-65

Early 60's


I originally bought this in the late 60's. Back in those days I wanted but couldn't afford a Les Paul, this popped up at the local piano store cheap. It originally had 1 single coil in the neck position. Wanting a LP I cut new holes and put Guild humbuckers in it. Well so much for collectors value. Of course I found out immediately you can't play loud with this one, it feeds back constantly being totally hollow (not even a block under the bridge). I later traded it for something and joined a jazz band it would have been perfect for, I missed this guitar for that whole period. a few years later it got traded in for another guitar at the store I worked at... it went home with me that night. Classic old style craftsmanship, super thin neck with action so low you only have to think the note to play it. It's not going anywhere again!!!!