Washburn Pro

Rocker Series

Made in China 2002

This is a cheap guitar, let's be honest now. I bought it in 2001 on e-bay for $115.00!!! You go into the music store and say "give me a set of Grover tuners", you give them your $200.00 and off you go. This guitar HAS Grover's on it!! Heck I got a good deal on the tuners and they attached a guitar to them free... sweet!! It's a factory second, still haven't found the finish flaw. I would hate to have paid the original $369.00 list price! For the price this is an interesting piece. Action is high but string tension is soft and bendy. Bridge humbucker and 2 single coil pickups with a 5 way switch gives a lot of possible tones. Strat style tremolo is fairly useless but works for mild bends. 

Great chord banger!!